Which movie has won the most oscars ever

The third movie to hit the big 11 wins is lord of the rings. We break down who has won the most academy awards in history as well as other. The male who has won the most oscars is walt disney with 22 oscars. With the 88th academy awards fast approaching, the team at prettyfamous took a look at the films that have won the most oscars over the years.

Luise rainer the great ziegfeld 1936 and the good earth 1937 katharine hepburn guess whos coming to dinner 1967 and the lion in winter 1968 best actor. Renee zellweger won her second oscar this year for judy, but some. This 1959 film was nominated for 12 academy awards and took home 11. Surprisingly, the actress only ever went to one academy awards. The female who has won the most oscars is edith head with 8 oscars.

The 2018 academy awards will honor the best in movies on march 4. This information is current as of the 92nd academy. Composer alfred newman won nine academy awards between 1938 and 1967 for his work on. Heres who has won the most oscars of all time good housekeeping. Heres who holds the title for most oscars ever lost. Katharine hepburn holds the distinction of winning the most oscars for acting, with four academy awards and a total of 12 nominations. Sean penns most talkedabout academy awards moment may not have even been when he won either of his two best actor oscars. Streep has won three acting oscars during her fortyyear career in the business which means shes lost 17 and well find out. Heres who has won the most awards in oscars history. In 1998, james cameron came along to share rather than steal ben hurs crown.

The complete list of 2019 oscar nominees and winners. It marked the first time a fantasy film had ever won best picture, as well. The prize for the most oscar wins in history goes not to a famous actor or director, but to another creative genius. This record is actually shared by three films and perhaps fittingly, theyre some of the most epic blockbusters ever made. Visual effects guru dennis muren currently holds the record for most oscars won by a person still living. Countries that have won the most oscars best countries. The youngest winner of any oscar ever was shirley temple who, when she was only six years old, won the firstever academy juvenile award in 1934, an award that is no longer given out. It became the first and to date only fantasy film to win the academy award for best picture. The return of the king 2003 each earned 11 academy awards. List of films with the most academy awards per ceremony. This poll contains the films that have won 7 or more oscars.

After disney, the person with the secondmost competitive oscar wins is cedric gibbons. Its his second best director win, with the first for gravity in 2014. All signs point to a best lead actor win for joaquin phoenix who has already scored a coveted. The 43 actors who have won multiple oscars, ranked by who has. Actress katharine hepburn holds the record for the most oscars for acting, having won four academy awards across her career and earned a total of 12 nominations. Famed film director john ford has won four oscars from a total five. Hepburn won for her roles in the films morning glory 1933, guess whos coming to dinner 1967, the lion in winter 1968 and on golden pond 1981. Walt disney, the recordholder for most academy awards won 22 oscars. That is, there are 69 films that received the most academy awards as well as the most academy award nominations in their respective years of eligibility. As we get closer to the 91st academy awards ceremony, heres a list of the actors, actresses, and directors who have won the most oscars of. Films receiving the most academy awards and the most academy award nominations per ceremony. The winner of the most oscars ever may surprise you. Katharine hepburn leads the way with four best actress awards. The art director and production designer not only designed the oscar statuette, but also won 11 times between 1928 and 1956.

Visual effects supervisor dennis muren has won nine academy awards six competitive. Benhur 1959, titanic 1997, and the lord of the rings. He has nine oscars to his name honouring his work on films such e. Heading into the evening, roma and the favourite led the nominations, with 10 each. Who has won the most oscars actors with multiple wins. Over the course of her incredible career, streep has racked up 21 acting nominations a record. List of actors with two or more academy awards in acting. Surprisingly, though, she doesnt hold the record for the most oscars won. He also won the most oscars in one year which was 4 in 1953. As of 2019, 42 actors and actresses have received two or more academy awards in acting categories. Most awards won by a country for best foreign language film. The first to achieve the record was benhur usa 1959 which won from 12 nominations on 4 april 1960, followed by titanic usa 1997 from 14 nominations on.

Films receiving the most academy award nominations per ceremony. A fourway tie for fourth place is broken by the number of total nominations a country has received. Three films hold the record of winning the most academy awards, having garnered 11 oscars each. The man who created mickey mouse won an impressive 22 competitive. Although ford has won the most oscars of any director, william wyler holds the record for the most nominations in this discipline earning 12, three of which won him some silverware. Only three films have ever gone home with the oscars for best film, director, actor, actress and. With only one exception dreamgirls every film on this list above was nominated for best picture.

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