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Margaret atwood raved about this bookernominated debut novel and march buzzfeed book club pick about three sisters who live on a remote. If you need your fix after bingeing the handmaids tale, these dystopian novels are just the thing. In a way that i always try to put into words and always, ultimately, fail. If you like the handmaids tale by margaret atwood central. Finished the handmaids tale and wondering whether to read another.

Like the handmaid s tale, the book of joan is a riveting, ravishing, and crazy deep exploration of gender fluidity, and the complexities of the human condition cheryl strayed, new york timesbestselling author of wild. However, both the novels and the tv shows popularity has many readers eagerly searching for more books like the handmaids tale. But when a band of rebels rises, the worlds fate lies in the hands of one powerful girlwarrior named joan. Like the handmaids tale, simmons book serves as essential commentary on womens rights, only with a generation much younger than offred and ofglens. She may leave the home of the commander and his wife once a day to walk to food markets whose signs are now pictures instead of words because women are harry potter is leaving privet drive for the last time. The handmaids tale is always discussed as a feminist warning of sorts, and has also been interpreted as a commentary on sexism in the book of genesis. The handmaids tale, a book by margaret atwood thats currently one of hulus highestrated shows, is about a dystopian society in what used to be america, where womens rights have been. American war is available to buy in hardback and ebook now. If you love the handmaids tale, starring elisabeth moss, or margaret atwoods novel and its sequel the testaments, here are some other books to try. At first it seemed like a weakness, but now it might be the only chance humanity has of surviving. Like the handmaids tale, the book of joan is a riveting, ravishing, and crazy deep exploration of gender fluidity, and the complexities of the.

If you love the handmaids tale, starring elisabeth moss, or margaret. No book aside from 1984 so dominates the mind as brave new world when. Hulus adaptation of the handmaid s tale is tense, darkly terrifying, and a brilliant ode to margaret atwoods 1985 feminist novel of the same name. Like the handmaids tale, this drama explores the corruption and misuse of power and how the elite affect those at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

If youre like us, youre completely obsessed with hulus adaptation of margaret. If youre looking for an unpredictable show like the handmaids tale where the plot changes on a dime, outlander wont disappoint you. Books to read after the handmaids tale real simple. The best dystopian books books like handmaids tale. While youre at it, check out some similar shows to outlander that will blow you away. This book might actually make you reconsider dumping on the middle child of your family. Find books like the handmaids tale from the worlds largest community of readers.

As girlspoor girlstheir fate does not belong to them. If youve read and reread the haunting tale, weve put together a list of books like the handmaids tale for you. Books for fans of the handmaids tale books like the. Bbc culture why the handmaids tale is so relevant today. This book takes place in a presentday cult and its chilling. For a very long time, the days went by, each just like the day before, then i began to think. Tv shows to watch if you love the handmaids tale pcmag. In the book, offreds name before gilead is only suggested in a passage. So, we set out to find more shows like the handmaid s. Top 10 gritty shows like the handmaids tale thatll. Aya and girls like aya are sold at auction so they can breed for their owners. If youre anything like us, youve spent the last few weeks being completely obsessed with the handmaid s tale, patiently awaiting each new episode.

Both the show and the book tell the story of a society with a declining birthrate that forces fertile women, dubbed handmaids, to bear children for wealthy men and their barren wives. The handmaid s tale is a book there are only a small handful of books that have affected me in a really personal way. The handmaids tale, perhaps margaret atwoods most famous novel, was published in 1985, much to the surprise of anyone who has read it in the last couple of years or indeed, watched the television series on hulu. When margaret atwood wrote the handmaids tale back in 1985, she didnt expect it. The popularity of the handmaid s tale has seen the novel receiving film, radio, stage and television adaptations. One of the haunting elements of the handmaids tale is seeing how a confluence of factors ecological disaster, economic precariousness, and the like create an environment ripe for a totalitarian takeover. This book tells the story of poornima and savitha, two girls from indravalli, a small village in india. The handmaid s tale follows one woman, offred, whose role as a handmaid.

Internationally bestselling author lidia yuknavitch offers a vision of our. The new hulu television series the handmaids tale remains in many ways faithful to margaret atwoods dystopian novel. If you liked the handmaids tale you will like these 7. The differences between the handmaids tale book and show. Books like the handmaids tale popsugar entertainment. The author has stated that a sequel will be released late in 2019, but until then, here are a few more books like the handmaid s tale to tide you over. What to read after the handmaids tale penguin books. The handmaid s tale is back for a third season, and were already waiting for the sinking feeling thatll happen when weve watched it all. With four weeks to go until the july 11th season finale, here are four unputdownable books like the handmaids tale to read in between episodes. Tv shows to watch if you love the handmaid s tale if you like hulus the handmaid s tale, these selections also have a dystopian scifi edge with strong social messaging, diverse casts, and. Even if youve read the books, dont miss out on this gem of a show. The best books like the handmaids tale and the testaments. The handmaid s tale season 2 comes to an end on wednesday, july 11, after thirteen weeks.

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