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Fluted pumpkin telfairia occidentalis is a tropical. Research has shown that some production techniques could affect fluted pumpkin yield. Fluted pumpkin recipes wiki fandom powered by wikia. The fertilizer types were applied at two levels each 0 and 60 kg. Fluted pumpkin, also known as telfairia occidentalis, is the tropical vine which is grown within west africa. Fluted pumpkin telfaria occidentalis is a leafy vegetable called ugu in igbo and iroko in yoruba. Pdf diversity and production methods of fluted pumpkin. Data collected through a multistage sampling technique from a sample of 60 respondents in the 20 planting season were analyzed using the profit function, gross margin analysis as well as ordinary least square ols regression technique. While the fruit itself is not edible, the leaves, shoots and seeds of the fluted gourd are amazingly nutritious and can easily qualify for the word of super food.

Mechanizing ugu telfairia occidentalis production and. Primary data were obtained from questionnaire administered to 140 fluted pumpkin farmers drawn using systematic sampling techniques from the study area. Ugwu leaf farming becomes hot business in nigeria as. It is therefore necessary to examine and evaluate the economics of fluted pumpkin production in view of the resources constraints by farmers. The study compared the differences in the fluted pumpkin production in rivers and akwa ibom states, nigeria. Resource use efficiency and profitability of fluted pumpkin. Fertilizing above 100 lbsacre n may cause the pumpkins to put on excessive vine growth and delay fruiting. Agge department of mechanical engineering the federal university of technology pmb 704 akure, nigeria. Telforia occidentalis is a droughttolerant, dioecious perennial crop that is indigenous to southern part of nigeria and it does belong to the family of cucurbitaceae.

According to the most recent studies, fluted pumpkins are annually consumed by thirty to forty million people in the country. Telfairia occidentalis botanical name fluted pumpkin s fruit is perhaps the largest in the fruit kingdom, growing to lengths of over 100cm. Commercial production and management of pumpkins and gourds edited by william terry kelley, extension horticulturist, and david b. The treatments were assigned into a randomized complete block design with three replicates. It belongs to the family telfaria occidentalis hook f. Introduction is an arm of horticulture in which crop plants are intensively cultivated within a protected area called garden horticulture is derived from two latin words. Tillage method and n effects on growth and yield of fluted pumpkin telfairia occidentalis f. It is widely grown in many nations of west africa, but is mainly cultivated in nigeria, for its highly nutritious leaves which is used primarily in soups and herbal medicines. Diversity and production methods of fluted pumpkin telfairia occidentalis hook f. Fluted pumpkin, profitability, return on investment, fixed cost, variable cost. This is another most consumed vegetable in any community as it is used to prepare lots of dishes.

Experience with vegetable farmers in makurdi, nigeria. However, the composition of its seed kernels and the yield of seeds. Fluted pumpkin is reputed to have bloodpurifying properties and it has been used as. Ugu production guide telfairia occidentalis enterprise.

Vegetable production is one of the fastest growing sectors of agriculture in. In analyzing the data, the stochastic frontier model was used to determine the. The seed count in the fluted gourd can be up to 196 and above per gourd, typically 3. Commercial ugu farming in nigeria pdf fluted pumpkin agbabiaka abdulquadri february 9, 2019 1 comment if you are planning of planting ugu this season, i recommend you get this ugu farming pdf as it empowers you with basic and technical knowledge on the production practices for fluted pumpkin. Economic importance and growth rate of broiler chickens. Seed residue after oil extraction is also used as animal feeds. Pdf effect of tillage and staking on the production of.

Data were collected on growth parameters, nutritional composition and yield attributes of fluted pumpkin. Production of biodiesel from fluted pumpkin telfairia. Tindall, 1989 defined leafy vegetables as herbaceous plants. Fluted pumpkin telfariaoccidentalis is a crop produced for the economic importance of its leaves, fruits, seeds to the citizenry. Fluted pumpkin telfairia occidentalis is one of the most important vegetables grown in south eastern nigeria for human. Poultry manure rates tha plant population 0 6 12 24 vine length cm 10,000 173 214 230 265 20,000 176 257 268 288 40,000 192 214 258 258 mean 180 228 238 270 lsd 0. Replacement above 20% affected the loaves texture as they became hard due to low specific volume. In this study, the production of stable emulsion from fluted pumpkin seed oil extracted with two different solvents system was investigated to provide useful information for nutritionists, emulsion producers and consumers on the possibility of producing stable emulsions from pumpkin seed oil. The study described the socioeconomic characteristics of the farmers and estimated the differences in level of profit achieved in the fluted pumpkin production in the study area. Vegetable crops production hrt 501 course lecturers prof. Now that you have an idea of a rural area, let us continue. Growth, yield and nutritional compositions of fluted. Most of the inhabitants involve in primary production such as farming, fishing, palm wine tapping, etc.

It is in pdf and is downloadable from your email inbox. Finally, too much nitrogen in your fertilizer can also delay pumpkin fruit set. It is a vine plant that is native to west africa and quite popular and heavily consumed in many parts of nigeria. It is widely cultivatedfor its palatable and nutritious leaves which are used mainly as vegetable. Resource use efficiency and profitability of fluted. Common names for the plant include fluted gourd, fluted pumpkin, and ugu. Freshly harvested fluted pumpkin fruits, were opened and the seeds carefully separated from the pulp, washed to reduce contamination by foreign substances and. The publically available bibliographic database pubmed includes over 2,000 references to pumpkin. It can be used to prepare popular soups like egusi, ogbono and edi kain kong. Whether rich or poor, ugwu is an affordable option for many families. The study examined the determinants of fluted pumpkin production and profitability in akwa ibom state, nigeria. Production practices for fluted pumpkin in nigeria legit. Telfairia occidentalis is a tropical vine grown in west africa as a leaf vegetable and for its edible seeds. Hence, for maximum production of fluted pumpkin, compost manure and raised platform staking should be adopted.

This plant is a delicious and droughttolerant perennial which is normally grown trellised. Iaa3 300 ppm will increase the number of female plants plots of fluted pumpkin and the production of more seeds for propagation. Ugu is very cheap in the rural areas because most of the inhabitants have ugu plantation in their backyard. Fluted pumpkin flowers grow in sets of five showing a creamywhite and dark red petal unlike the light green colour of the young fruit and yellow colour when ripe. The fluted pumpkin oil is also an excellent source of iodine due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids. Pumpkins do not normally need more than 80 lbsacre n to grow a crop. The step by step practical guide to successful commercial ugu fluted pumpkin farming contains information on.

The paper examined resourceuse and profitability of fluted pumpkin telfaria occidentalis hook f. Nutritional analysis and wine production potentials of. Fluted pumpkin telfairia occidentalis hook, f is known to be of high nutritional value in terms of protein and minerals. Commercial ugu farming in nigeria pdf fluted pumpkin. Diversity and production methods of fluted pumpkin. This study therefore sought to examine the resourceuse efficiency of fluted pumpkin telfariaoccidentalis production as aid to poverty alleviation in isoko south local government area, southsouth. This survey sought to examine farmers perception of diversity and determine the status of fluted pumpkin production as a basis for facilitating further studies, in order to help resolve the.

Keywords fluted pumpkin, profitability, resource use efficiency, nigeria. Benefits of fluted pumpkin telfairia occidentalis hematological properties the aqueous extract of fluted pumpkin leaves telfairia occidentalis can be used for treating anaemia due to the haematinic properties of the leaf. The name is most commonly used for cultivars of cucurbita pepo, but some cultivars of cucurbita maxima, c. The fermented seeds of fluted pumpkin is used in the production of ogiri. How to grow fluted pumpkin growing fluted pumpkin seeds. Determinants of flutted pumpkin telferia occidentalis. Pdf efficiency of fluted pumpkin production under tropical. After the must preparation, the various compositions were also sorted out 100% pumpkin leaves, 100% cucumber, 5050% cucumber and pumpkin, 70% cucumber and 30% pumpkin leaves and 30% cucumber and 70% pumpkin leaves for wine production. Mgbeogu2 fluted pumpkin, telfairia occidentalis, is native to west africa but occurs mostly in its cultivatedform in various parts of southern nigeria. Organic manure, staking methods, fluted pumpkin and leaf yield. Soyingbe et al 2012 investigated telfairia occidentalis waste leaves and stalk potential in supplementing the natural low nutrients in compost. Cucurbitaceae production in ukwuani local government area of delta state, nigeria. Fluted pumpkin, otherwise known as ugu ugwu or fluted gourd, is a crop native to southern nigeria. Wheat flour was replaced at 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% levels with fluted pumpkin seed flour.

Commercial production and management of pumpkins and. The plant is a droughttolerant, dioecious perennial that is usually grown trellised. Telfairia occidentalis as affected by fertilizer types in. Production of biodiesel from fluted pumpkin telfairia occidentalis hook f. Chin chin production from pumpkin seed and casava flour. Efficiency of fluted pumpkin production under tropical conditions article pdf available in international journal of vegetable science 3. Composition, physicochemical and morphological characterization of pumpkin flour mayyawadee saeleaw 12 and gerhard schleining 2 1 faculty of home economics technology, rajamangala university of technology krungthep, bangkok 10120, thailand 2 department of food sciences and technology, bokuuniversity of natural resources and life sciences vienna. Download complete project seminar research material on economic analysis of fluted pumpkin production for agricultural engineering department in nigeria. These include time of sowing asiegbu 1985, tillage. Pdf tillage method and n effects on growth and yield of fluted. A field experiment was conducted using fluted pumpkin telfairia occidentals to determine the effect of 3 different tillage zero, mound and flat and 3 different staking zero, individual and pyramid on a sandy clay loam soil of the humid tropics. It is estimated that over 90% of the total land cultivated in nigeria is in the hands of small scale farmers who also account for up to 90% of the total agricultural output.

A pumpkin is a cultivar of winter squash that is round with smooth, slightly ribbed skin, and most often deep yellow to orange in coloration. Economic analysis of fluted pumpkin production download. Growth, yield and nutritional compositions of fluted pumpkin. Effects of organic manure and staking methods on the. Diversity and production methods of fluted pumpkin telfairia. A comparative study on fluted pumpkin production in the. Seed production and breeding potential of the fluted. Common names for the plant include fluted gourd, fluted pumpkin, ugu in the igbo language, and ikongubong in the efik and ibibio languages. Fluted pumpkin is highly valued because of its high nutrient contents when cooked, and also good in blood volume increase when taken raw. Physicochemical properties of complementary food from. Profit margin in broiler production is sensitive to time of sales junaid, 1984. Seed production and breeding potential of the fluted pumpkin. Pdf the efficient allocation of resources at the individual farm level has implications for investment and employment at the national level.

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