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Snipers record kill shot in iraq should be celebrated. Unflinching is canadian sniper jody mitics memoir of his life, tenure, and tours in active military service and beyond. Canadian sniper shatters longest kill record with 3. A rogue historian in afghanistan, potomac books inc. A young soldier just returned from afghanistan has many memories. Francis pegahmagabow, a canadian sniper with 378 confirmed kills, the highest in world war i. A canadian sniper in afghanistan has been confirmed as hitting an enemy soldier at a range of 2,310 meters, the longest recorded and confirmed sniper shot in history. For example, canadian forces have returned home from afghanistan via guam or.

A canadian sniper in afghanistan has been confirmed as hitting an enemy soldier at a range of 2,310 meters 7565 ft1. The previous record of 2,250 meters was set by us marine sniper carlos hathcock in vietnam in 1967. Canada took on a larger role starting in 2006 after the canadian troops were redeployed to kandahar province. Canadian sniper sets record for longest confirmed kill in military history. From retired elite sniper jody mitic, who lost both of his legs below the knees in afghanistan, unflinching is an uplifting memoir on military issues, endurance, and overcoming adversity.

A canadian sniper breaks the record for the longest. Incorrect book the list contains an incorrect book please specify the title of the book. How a canadian sniper shot someone more than 2 miles. While some canadian soldiers remained until march 18, the flag lowering ceremony indicates the end of. Canadian forces in afghanistan 3book bundle dundurn press.

While on patrol with the 1st battalion royal canadian regiment deep within enemy territory, sniper jody mitic stepped on a land mine and lost both legs below the knee. Skyhorse publishing, along with our arcade, good books, sports publishing, and yucca. The kite runner by khaled hosseini, a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini, and the mountains echoed by khaled hossein. Sharpshooters in afghanistan are using that weapon, said williams. From retired elite sniper jody mitic, who lost both of his legs below t. Arron perry project gutenberg selfpublishing ebooks.

Canadian snipers recordbreaking kill shot an incredible. Jody mitics memoir chronicles his time in the canadian military and how. A canadian special forces sniper just abolished a world record for the longestever successful shot on record. The canadian forces has confirmed a jtf2 sniper working with iraqi forces. This shot exceeded the previous record of 2,286 m 2,500 yd, set by carlos hathcock in 1968 in the vietnam war. He saw firsthand the courage and chaos of war, suffering the loss of both his legs after stepping on a. In this case, the rifle was a mcmillian tac50 known as a c15 long range sniper weapon in canadian military parlance a. Commended, best books for kids and teens, canadian childrens book centre. Also included is an examination of a new strategic experiment the provincial reconstruction team and the technological advances used in this war. A canadian special forces sniper in iraq has shattered the world record for the longest kill shot, after taking out an islamic state insurgent at a distance of 3. Spam or selfpromotional the list is spam or selfpromotional. The canadian forces has confirmed a jtf2 sniper working with iraqi forces successfully hit a target from a distance of 3,540 metres, a record for the longest sniper kill shot. Anyways, this is his story of his career as a canadian veteran of the afghanistan conflict.

A sniper with canadas elite special forces in iraq has shattered the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in military history at a staggering distance of 3,540 metres. Time to hunt by stephen hunter, point of impact by stephen hunter, sniper one. The shot was at such a range, that it actually halted an islamic state advance completely, as the fighters on the ground must have thought the hammer of god himself was falling down onto their. The canadian special operations forces command released a statement confirming that. The soldier shot an is militant dead from 3,540 metres, which is just over two miles away, in iraq. In march 2002, three princess patricias canadian light infantry snipers fought alongside u. Canadian sniper in iraq makes longest confirmed kill shot. Jody mitic is a twentyyear veteran of the canadian armed forces and sniper team leader. In iraq, the sniper hit an isis militant from more than 2. Canadian sniper kills is militant two miles away bbc news. A story about a canadian sniper who killed an islamic state fighter in iraq from a distance of 3. Unflinching is one of those books that you just cant put down.

Image getty images image caption a canadian sniper team working in afghanistan a sniper in the canadian special forces shot and killed an islamic state is fighter from a. The unnamed snipers bullet reportedly took 10 seconds to reach its target. Canadian army snipers gain from afghanistan experience. Returning home from iraq and afghanistan deployment psychology. Rob furlong born 11 november 1976 is a canadian former military sniper who, from march 2002 until november 2009, held the world record for the longest confirmed sniper kill in combat, at 2,430 m 2,657 yd. I was a master corporal, part of an elite sniper team sent on a mission to flush out taliban in an afghan village. A snipers conflict by monty b i could make out the head and shoulders of the insurgent as he. Russian snipers in the mountains and cities of chechnya dtic. Canadian special operations sniper hit target from more. The canadian army has a total of 317 qualified snipers, but not all of them are employed as such, warrant officer george williams told national defense. Snipers record kill shot in iraq should be celebrated, trudeau says this article is more than 2 years old pm says lethal shot from 3,540m within canadas adviseandassist mission. A canadian sniper shot and killed an isis operative 3,540 meters away, shattering the old record by read more using a mcmillan tac50 rifle, the unidentified sniper shot the target 3,540 meters.

By clicking on continue you confirm that you are 18 years and over. His record stood for over 7 years and was improved upon by craig harrison with a distance of 2,475 m 2,707 yd using a l115a3 long range rifle. Canadas role in the afghanistan war began in late 2001. If thursdays account of the canadian snipers fatal shot is true, canadian soldiers hold three spots in the top five longest recorded sniper kills. Inappropriate the list including its title or description facilitates illegal activity, or contains hate speech or ad hominem attacks on a fellow goodreads member or author. Written and directed by paul gross, the film, which takes place before canadian forces ended their military role in 2011, opens with a sniper team led by ryan sanders rossif sutherland killing a.

Canadian snipers recordbreaking kill shot an incredible achievement open this photo in gallery. One tour in afghanistan, one tour in iraq brandon webb was a certified seal sniper. Arron perry is a former master corporal in the canadian forces who in march 2002 broke the 34yearold record for the longest recorded sniper kill in combat, completing a kill at a range of 2,310 m 2,526 yd during the war in afghanistan. Canadian forces, including special operations forces, have played an outsize role in the conflict in afghanistan, often under a cloak of secrecy. A canadian sniper in iraq recorded the longest kill shot in history from more than two miles away by picking off an isis militant and disrupting an attack on friendly forces. His raw, candid, and engrossing memoir follows his personal journey into the canadian military, through sniper training, and firefights in afghanistan.

The history behind canadas recordbreaking sniper kill. His raw, candid, and engrossing memoir follows his personal journey into the canadian military, through sniper training, and firefights in afghanistan, culminating on the fateful night when he stepped on a landmine and lost both of. Online shopping for canada military from a great selection at books store. Canadian snipers unofficially were credited with killing 20 alqaeda members during operation anaconda in the shahi kot valley. New raw video of scout sniper marines with 1st battalion, 1st marines, rct6 during operation helmand viper. A snipers conflict book by monty b official publisher page.

I had seen the title a few times and had placed it on my list of books to read. A canadian soldier in iraq has killed an isis militant from more than two miles away, shattering the world record for a confirmed sniper kill in military history. The canadian flag was lowered for the very last time on march 12, 2014 in kabul, afghanistan. The sniper was working in a conventional fashion with a spotter, and the kill shot was made with the canadian military issued mcmillan tac50 rifle. Unflinching book by jody mitic official publisher page. A canadian special forces sniper has broken the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot. A canadian flag sits on the shoulder of a member of the canadian forces in trenton, ont. A former canadian army sniper who fought in afghanistan in 2003. Canadian sniper hits isis militant with recordsetting shot. Canada sent its first element of soldiers secretly in october 2001 from joint task force 2, and the first contingents of regular canadian troops arrived in afghanistan in januaryfebruary 2002. The globe and mail said the shooter used a mcmillan tac50 rifle. The end of the canadian mission in afghanistan sofrep.

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