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Shut down posted in windows xp home and professional. How to avoid slow windows xp shutdowns with pictures. If youre new to tech support guy, we highly recommend that you visit our guide for new members. Solved windows xp keeps shutting down after startup. Windows xp pc shuts down without warning techrepublic. Recently, about a couple days ago, my hp pavilion notebook has been shutting down unexpectedly, now this wasnt anything new to me, as it has shut down and restarted on its own before, but now it doesnt even restart on its own anymore. Windows xp shutdown complatition yet another remake. I did force quit fusion and shut down my computer, when i restated my mac and went to fusion it said windows was shutting down. Uninstall nero completely, and keep your eyes open for a new version of the program down the. Ok, on occasion when my computer shuts down by itself.

This is the shutdown compilation startup compilation. Windows xp shutdown issues mostly center around a very. This will show you how to complete the task of shutting down windows xp. I had an older version think 7 of yahoo messenger and was getting a pop up telling me that it would not be supported after august. You have to wait for a long time to plug the powercord out or shut the laptop screen down. I have windows xp and my computer keeps shutting off for. My computer, running on a windows xp with service pack 3, automatically shuts down. Left click on the start button in the lower left corner of the screen.

Windows xp startup and shutdown 2019 version youtube. Speed up the shutdown process for windows xp by closing active processes or applications quicker. Page 1 of 3 computer is shutting down by itself posted in windows xp home and professional. Windows xp pro takes a long time to restart or shutdown. Last week, after about 30 minutes of use, my windows xp home sp2 pc shut down without warning. I clicked on shut down from the vmware menu to no avail, and tried to susupend the vm, which worked. Discussion in windows xp started by ulysses55, mar 17, 2008.

When i try to shut down and it gets to the windows is shutting down. A simple change to 3 registry entries may be the solution. Hey winexp, today is a new video about all the shutdown screens of windows. Windows is shutting down i wake up approximately 2 times per week, with a blue screen and windows is shutting down across the middle. Then i switched over to the windows screen and it said that windows was shutting down, ok shut down i really did not need to use windows. I am running windows xp and each time i start my machine, windows loads all the startup files, puts me at my desktop, and then shuts down and begins the startup process all over again. Computer is shutting down by itself windows xp home and. My hp pavilion has been shutting down unexpectedly hp. It goes through logging off and saving your settings at normal speeds, but it displays windows is shutting down for 90 seconds i timed it.

Shutting down windows xp home edition on my dell latitude d520. This shutdown sound should be the new windows 10 shutdown sound. In most cases, the reboot is triggered because windows xp is designed to reboot after a critical failure. New yahoo messenger version 9 slowing shutdown of windows xp. With the popularity of one of my old videos from 2017. Computer using windows xp hangs during shut down process. The unusual delay in shutting down of the windows xp is one of the commonly faced problem. When the menu appears, click on the red shut down button. Choose shut down from the list and click the ok button.

Computer will not shut down or restart normally windows. A new discovery about xp being slow at shutting down. Windows startup and shutdown sounds desktop version. I have windows xp and my computer keeps shutting off for no reason. Windows xp boots up, then shuts down techspot forums. The led and hd lights go out on the computer, but the system is still on fans are running and i can open the cd drawer. During the search for a cause i found that one of the kids had been on aimaol and had not logged off. This video was originally recorded at end of october 2015 update 2017. I have windows xp home edition oem version on compaq presario desk top with sp 2. I installed sp3 i still have a problem with shut down i alt del clear and no programs are running i tried to put the windows disk in to repair but did not work and had to re install the sp3 still to no avail. The restart may happen anytime after plugging in the power cord.

To put it simply, if something were to go wrong during the shut down sequence, windows may interpret the. So that means if you turn off your pc youll get a shutdown screen. For about 2 months, i have had to either do a forced shut down. After this, the button to shut off computer does not shut it down. Windows xp sp2 hangs during shutdownrestart by element02 jan 3, 2007 8.

Microsoft windows xp server 200x 20012010 logoff and shutdown sounds duration. Later i went back and it said the same thing, like it froze. After full format and installing windows xp, the laptop still shut down and restart on plugging in the power cord. In the previous version of windows windows 7, windows vista, windows xp, the shut down process was very much easier compared to the current versions. I heard my windows guest shutting down this morning, while my macbook pro was in screen saver mode. Upon shutdown, it says logging off, saving your settings, and then windows shutting down.

Windows shuts down my computer unexpectedly microsoft. Samsung galaxy tab s6 vs surface pro 7 vs ipad pro 11. It boots up, comes to the boot screen, but two seconds later the load bar freezes and it resets. Some times it happens instantly and some times after 1 hour or so. Why does windows xp keep shutting down and restarting. Why does windows xp keep shutting down and restarting this happened twice last night and once again this evening.

Troubleshooting windows shutdown problems techgenix. I have a fairly new computer and a fresh install of windows xpsp2 i had problems with the shut down. Windows startup and shutdown sounds in synthesia duration. Thanks for some people who asked to add there videos.

I have windows xp home edition installed on a dell dimension 8300, and the os works fine except for the shutdown. Windows xp startup and shutdown but im using a 19 inch samsung tv as a monitor. My windows xp computer has been shutting down by itself for about two weeks now. If you are new to the cnet forums, please read our cnet forums faq. Page 1 of 2 computer will not shut down or restart normally posted in windows xp home and professional. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Wednesday, december 01, 2004 applicatio n hang hanging application iexplore.

Windows xp sp2 hangs during shutdownrestart january. Portable application that allows you to schedule computer shutdowns and restarts. Now every time i go to shut down windows xp, there is pop up saying that windows xp is shutting down messenger. There are many ways to shut your pc down safely, but the most common way to do so is using the shut down option in your start menu. Microsoft windows xp vista edition 2014present welcomestartup and logon sound duration. By far the most common shut down problem is that the system will reboot rather than shutting down.

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